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What is a Private School Satellite Program (PSP)?

A Private School Satellite Program (PSP) is an organized group of home-educating families who file one affidavit (a state of California private school certificate) on behalf of all its members. Each member of the PSP is considered a private school student, and the parent becomes their teacher.

Who keeps your records in a PSP?

The PSP maintains records of the course of study, grades, teacher names and addresses. It is always a good idea to keep a portfolio of your child’s work. We are happy to offer guidance on keeping a portfolio. Depending on your preference, there are a variety of ways to do this. Let us know how we can help.

Why do I need a PSP?

Many private homeschool families keep their own records and file their own affidavit. Others prefer the accountability and assistance of a private school satellite program to help them navigate records, report cards, and transcripts for applications for programs, scholarships, jobs, and college applications that a PSP provides.

How much does Vanguard Academy cost?

There is a $25 set-up fee for each new student. Enrollment cost for Kindergarten through 8th grade is $100 per student, and 9th - 12th grade students are $200. ​A 10% discount is applied for payments received by September 30, and a payment plan is available upon request.

What documents may I expect upon enrollment?

A digital record of your child’s report card will be sent to the email address on file at the end of each semester/year. Transcripts and additional reports are available upon request.

What about accreditation?

Accreditation is recognition from a third-party agency that their pre-determined system of set standards has been met.  Vanguard Academy chooses not to be accredited by this type of agency because this would involve accepting curriculum based on that organization’s standards.  This would inhibit parents and teachers from making choices about curriculum that best meets the needs and learning styles of individual students. 

Do you take transfer students?

Vanguard Academy is happy to receive students transferring from other private or public high schools, and will accept credits on their transcripts.  Vanguard will also accept independently 'homeschooled' transcripts if the parent has appropriate documentation to verify courses and grades.

Transfer students must have been in good standing with their previous school.  We do not accept students that have been expelled or have legal, disciplinary, or truancy problems with their previous school.  The student cumulative file will be evaluated for any problems.

Do you offer classes?

We do not offer classes under Vanguard Academy. Both Sarah and Susan are involved in a homeschool co-op in our area, and can share information on that organization. We are in the process of networking with various qualified tutors and teachers who offer assistance to homeschool families. If you have a specific question in this regard, please contact us.

Do you offer field trips?

We would love for our parents to suggest ideas for field trips. 

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